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Metal Building Systems are an economical way to stream line the construction process and ensure delivery of a project that is both fast and on budget.  As an authorized Varco-Pruden Dealer, Mark Turner Construction can cover all your metal building needs. VP Buildings is one of the leading Metal Building Systems Manufacturers in the world, producing the most well-designed, highest quality, most efficient commercial and industrial buildings available today. VP Buildings also offers sustainable building options for LEED certification consideration.  Partnering with VP Buildings to provide a superior product with the most advanced engineering capabilities, Mark Turner Construction delivers solutions from the most complex project to fast tracking the simplest building. VP Buildings grants us access to their engineering software system which puts control at our finger tips. This system provides us the ability for in house design/build services, design assist services, and fast track services for every project.  With over 20 years’ experience, Mark Turner Construction’s building designs are fast and accurate. For your next metal building project let Mark Turner’s expertise guide you to the best solution at the right price to save you time and money.

Ashley Arrowood

Mark Turner Construction’s team is ready to provide you with any Metal Building Systems needs.  Ashley Arrowood has been in the Metal Building industry for over 20 years, working in various roles from detailer/designer to contractor.  His background in design and estimating gives him a solid foundation in understanding the system from all aspects. That intimate knowledge allows him to work out the details during design to ensure a high-quality building is delivered to the customer.  He has experience with metal building in many industries including, but not limited to: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Hangars, Churches, Government Buildings, Auto Dealerships, and Schools.

Examples of Metal Buildings

To see the full variety of metal building options available, please visit Varco Pruden’s website, click here.

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